Plot 15-16 Eti-Osa Resettlement Road, Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria

Outdoor Space

Many of us take pride in our homes, investing countless hours rearranging and remodelling the interior. Now that summer is upon is, it can be refreshing to step out of the confines of the inside and spend some time outside. When the weather is favourable, it’s difficult to miss out on a nice day outside. But spending time outside doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your creature comforts. With a few small adjustments you can make your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Turning a yard, patio, porch or other outdoor area into a functional living space can be a rewarding...

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Cleaning block paving

How to remove oil stains from your paving? Prevention is the best cure. When it comes to oil, use cardboard or a drip tray if your car has leaking oil to prevent any staining on your paving. If an oil stain does appear, the sooner it is treated, the easier it is to remove. Don’t let it soak into your paving. As soon as the stain appears dab excess spillage with an absorbent cloth or towel. Fresh oil stains can be soaked up using proprietary absorbent materials. After soaking up the oil stain, using hot water, detergent a brush and...

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